Scrolling Text Box Problems

I have created a .fla that consists of 1 scene which contains a scrolling text box (with up and down buttons as well as a scrollbar) that loads an external text file. The .fla is fairly CPU intensive already, and maybe the addition of the text pushed it over the edge, but when it plays, the text takes a long time to load each time a button is hit to send the play to another part of the movie (the text box appears, but it takes up to 30 seconds to load the text depending on the computer I use), and the scrolling is hit-and-miss.

My questions are:

  1. Would it be faster if I hard-coded the text right into the textbox?

  2. Should I break the text up into smaller bits, and if so, HOW?

  3. I would like the text to stay at the current position that is being read, regardless of what button is pressed and what frame of the movie is being played. Is there a way to do this?

I know very little about Actionscript. I followed a tutorial that I found on the web to create the scroller, but when it comes to modifying it, I’m a little lost. So please make responses VERY SIMPLE and COMPREHENSIVE because I’m a beginner.


Instead of loading the text from an external txt file, try defining the variable within the movie itself.

text = “stuff to write in yer text box”;

Simply copy and paste it from the external file into Flash.

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