Seeking talented designers and developers

If you’re a talented web developer or designer that’s frustrated finding contracts, negotiating with clients, and never having anyone to rely on; look no further.

I’m looking for skilled web developers and designers from anywhere around the world to form a loose collective that all works under the umbrella of my firm. I will be gathering a small team of people to work closely with to take on various contracts from businesses I’m in contact with. This is not a talent agency.

I’m an American web developer that’s been at it for quite a while. I have a lot of experience acquiring contracts from businesses, the communication skills to do so consistently, and intimate knowledge of the web development process to make sure it goes smoothly. I also have access to a fully equipped print shop and a marketing firm that markets over mail and specializes in business interaction. That’s what I do; here is what I’m looking for.


Most important is the ability to collaborate with a small team to create designs for the various things we need: Full websites, business cards, logos, mailing cards, things of that nature. You need to be creative and that creativity has to be able to be directed.

If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. You will never be put in the dark and told “design this”. If you need help finding a color palette, no problem. Need more of an idea of what the client wants? It will be provided. The frustrations of working with a design-illiterate client will never be your frustrations. You’ll always have a select few personable people to bounce ideas off of, get critiques and opinions, and most importantly the encouragement to continue on. You will be valued for your expertise and good taste. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of take a look at the technical requirements

***Proficiency with industry standard design tools
*Strong conceptual understanding of fundamental design concepts such as: Color theory, Visual weight, Typography, Design trends, etc
*The ability to work with a team and accept input and direction.
*A rudimentary understanding of English and various instant messaging clients and communication tools.
Not requirements but highly valued
Experience with 3D modeling
Experience making music with FL studio, logic, audacity, or any other music making tool


It’s very important that you can communicate and work with a team. You won’t ever be asked to be do anything that is impossible, and you will never be expected to produce something complicated in a ridiculously short time period. As a developer myself I’m very familiar with the frustrations that come along with any given job. Somebody doesn’t realize how hard hard it is to “just do [this]”. Been there. Making changes to a site template and the previous developer used ridiculous naming conventions or cryptic coding practices? It’s my pet peeve. Client being unreasonable? You won’t have to deal with it. That’s what I’m here for. If you ever need a hand with your work load, someone else or me personally will always be there to help. I understand the process well, and it’s no fun being just another code monkey. You’ll always have other people to discuss methods and viability with. Your input on the difficulty, viability, and timeline on any given project will always be taken seriously. Want to be a part of this? Take a look at the requirements.

***Experience and proficiency with LAMP technologies
*The ability to write readable code
*The capacity to take an idea or concept, map it out and commit it to code
Strong conceptual understanding what makes things tick website-wise
A rudimentary understanding of English and various instant messaging clients and communication tools.

Not required but valued
Intimate knowledge with wordpress as a platform.
SEO familiarity
Facebook application experience
Long standing relationship with the internet and how things work

Well there it is. I posted on Kirupa first because I love you guys.

The very moment I gather a small group of reliable and capable people we are going to hit the ground running, and we’re gonna hit it hard. If you fit any of these requirements be sure and drop me line with your portfolio included at my personal e-mail

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