Series of Unfortunate Events

Here is a project we have been working on the last few months…

Please don’t mind the intro, was at client request. – This is just the EPK stuff, the character pages will be the bread and butter and are in the works.

Kinda cocky to post this in Kool Sites, right? Maybe Showcase & Critiques? :bad: :stuck_out_tongue:

It does seem nice though :thumb:

wow, wasn’t that a book series or something?

really good

Plays a little slow for me. Shouldn’t this be in C&C?

Thread Moved…

Site’s get into “kool sites” forums when someone other then the creator posts it :wink:

Nice site though

the site is off the chain :slight_smile:

Freakin’ brilliant. I wasn’t a big fan of the books though.

does approve of posting in forums?

Thanks guys. Had a great team to work with and the movie is going to be awesome.

Freedejm, I don’t know, you could always e-mail them and ask :huh:

by the way, how do you like working there? nice work comes out of that place. i am currently workin at a design company in the irvine area.

very impressive :smiley:

pretty tight! Great gig, btw.