Server Problems?

I tried to connect to and got a bunch of lines of text, I then tried going to and I managed to connect but everything was out of place and nothing seemed to work also the tutorials aren’t working, (Atleast not on my computer.)Just curious whats going on?


@ 6:17PM this evening, the server was down for maintenance, trying to figure out some problems they have been having with Log ins and stuff like that. It doesn’t seem like it took that long to fix. Less than 2 hours.


Hey Bladedge,
I do apologize for the messed up homepage. My server is being worked on right now, and everything should be up and running in a few days (maybe even in a few hours!). I have been unable to log-in to my site for the past few weeks, so therefore I contacted my web adminstrators about the issue. I hope they are resolving the issue soon.

Think of this as a temporary power (electricity) outage. Nobody knows when the power will come on, but it will come on eventually.


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Thanks for the reply guys.

site is back online everyone.