Shape tweening in Flash MX. Help please:)

[COLOR=blue]In Flash MX I get an error stating that Shape tweening will not occur on layers containing symbols or grouped objects. [/COLOR]

I was using flash 5 before and I am new to MX. I create a keyframe on the first frame, draw a square (no outline), then select another frame(like 25) and insert keyframe, and delete the circle, then draw a square. I then select all the frames, and in the properties inspector i choose shape tween. I get a yellow exclamation mark and the error “Shape tweening will not occur on layers containing symbols or grouped objects” when I click on the exclamation mark.

I feel silly, because I have done alot of flash, nothing fancy like you all here at the forum, but I can normally do basic stuff. I really like this and spend hours a day teaching my self. I would love to one day be at the level that this forum is at some day.

Could someone help me figure this out, so i can move on lol:) Thank you…

first off that should work fine - are you sure there is NOTHING else on that layer with the animation? This could be your problem… if you still cant fix it post your fla and Ill look at it


the exclamation mark appears in the property inspector untill i complete the tween. I guess i just need to get used to the MX environment. It’s cool but diff then F5.

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I used shape tweens in my footer but if you happen to be trying to tween an symbol or grounped objects then use motion tween instead!


Please don’t post stuff lke this here, it’s HTML/ Javascript!

Actually he posted this thread before kirupa changed the Forum name from Help to HTML/Javascript so he is in no wrong at all!

I posted that in the help section, then later could not find my post.
that explains it, but I did not mean to offend anyone. I’m new to this forum and i am just getting acclamated, so please forgive me.
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No pb, toadie, take a walk on the wild side and then he was a she…
Hadn’t realised the title change was so recent, so let’s just blame it on Kirupa then for not having moved your post, lol…

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