Help me with tweening problem in Flash MX

I am having a problem with tweening in Flash MX…\rI only have one symbol on the layer, and yet it gives me the error:\r"Motion tweening will not occur on layers with ungrouped shapes or on layers with more than one group or symbol."\r\rI even opened one of my Flash 5 files, and it gives the same error, yet it works because it has already been set!\r\rIs anyone else having this problem? Has someone out there succesfully tweened in Flash MX? Perhaps someone could email me a .fla with tweening that works and I could figure out what is going on!\r\rHere is a screen capture of the problem:…roblem.jpg\r\rHere is the .fla in a zip file: [url=“”]\r\rI really appreciate any help!

The object which you are trying to tween must be a grouped (select the layer and click Modify > Group or Ctrl + G) set of objects or one symbol.

Read what I wrote, it is only one Symbol on a layer that I am tweening. I am experienced in Flash 5, and even when I open an older Flash 5 .fla, the tweening is already there, but it still gives the error as if it were done incorrectly.\r\rPlease somebody open the .fla that I included in the .zip and tell me if you see a problem!\r\rThanks.

It’s possible that you may have accidentally added a little something else into the frame. Try deleting everything on that layer (including the symbol), reinsert the symbol and add the tween.

Thanks for your help, but I finally figured it out…\r\rI am not familiar with Flash MX yet, and didn’t realize that the way you go about doing an “alpha” tween is different than in Flash 5.\r\rI found the Lesson on Tweening in MX and figured it out.\r\rThanks again.