Shaun Inman v9

This is a mad idea but I love it, basically the colour of elements are determined by time, the older they get they fade, much like the ageing process.

You have to read about his thought process before you pass judgement, this is true innovation IMO.

RSS feed with an alphafading with every new post… As you can see, this is post 118 as of today 24th of october - and the guy doesn’t post every day, so I would hardly call Inman’s concept “new”… (and it’s easily made with a Flash + XML combo… - check out the RSS feed if you like)

Cheers all…

Well, that’s similar, but I seriously doubt almost anybody has seen that little French blog. Meh, it was original in both cases.

Inmans concept is really not original. It just seems that way because he is int he limelight of our industry. Still think the whole site stinks in general.

Looks nice, a good peace of work…
carry on…stay posting…!

Nice site! and he used a table!!!

That “little French” blogger is one of the most famous cartoonist in France… Check out the index of his website, he is extremely prolific… Actually, I would bet my left nut that on an absolute number basis, more people have heard of Trondheim than of Inman… :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, that doesn’t make Inman’s site pretty or awe-inspiring or anything, imho.


i think it’s a little crazy that he spent so much time on function and creating a semi-innovative way to organize his blogging but it’s not really an excuse for poor design.

his old sites are gorgeous and for this new one it seems that he’s done everything in his power to make the fonts huge for no reason and the entire site a little hard to follow. with all those bigass words there are no sections that call attention, it’s just one big jumble.

2 cents by haam.