Should I?

close my forum?

I’ve had 3 posts or so in a month… nobody visits… :-\

Wow, 3! When I opened my forum, I had 4 messages in one month. 3 of them were stickies I wrote. :sure: So I closed it.

Spammer :wink:

Eilsoe, don’t close it
I think it’s a cool forum… I’ll post there more often

get a good collection of arty tutorials on the go, then go around some forums pimpin’ your site. once folks start doing your tutorials and needing help then they’ll post and start pointing others in your direction.

keep it i wud visit more but i kinda forgot the address lol, Its cool u think ur forum posts are bad i dont think ive had any yet well that arent me i answer myself haha


I like that forum! If there isn’t any particular reason you want to close it (like to get more free space or sth) then don’t!

where’d you get the head thingy? I know that the 3d blocks are from flashkit so don’t even think about lying! :wink: =)

nah i didnt get em from flashkit so ner ner
I saw the cubes sumwhere dunno where maybe flash java but i remade em coz i was at college and they are bent bout downloadin so i just made em (i was really bored)the head I made dunno why though looks crappy

*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**close my forum?

I’ve had 3 posts or so in a month… nobody visits… :-\ **

are you advertising it?
I’d say that it’s all about keeping the conversation alive. Every once in a while, reply to every thread… if people have email notification turned on, they’ll reply to you.

oh yeah? nova?

ok tell me in what program did you make the cubes?

check the attachment from flashkit! :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: not showing up… right-click - save target as

where is this forum at? i missed something… =(


Eilsoe: It is hard to get a forum to become popular. This forum became popular through the sites Flash tutorials and the help people could get with them here. Perhaps some tutorials and other things to get people more interested in your site will get them more interested in your forum.

And not to mention your forum is still VERY young. I heard stories about how small this forum was back in the day.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours if you want to close it down, but I would say to give it time before you decide.

Your forum rocks, im sure more people will come around.

hey eilsoe

keep them… they are totally fit. i know i can talk cos i dont go on them and stuff but i have enough problems with posting on just one… but serious they are the nicest ones ive seen… nicer than these even and that hard…

drools over the 3d text and reflection