Showcase Header Picks

You all may have noticed the 5 graphic tiles just below the main Kirupa Forum Header. This is where fascinating, captivating, jaw dropping works from YOU our members are displayed.

[size=3]We need your help![/size]

Each month (just like the desktop thread) we will open up the first WEEK of the month to allow you to post up links to works you think are worthy to earn a spot above!

The work must be from a thread on this forum! No other outside domains will be allowed. [/size]

In your post just provide a forum link and a description of why you think it should be up there.

Example of a “good” post:
Really good use of colors!

[size=3]This thread is not for discussion, just link postings.[/size]

If you think something is really cool and need to share it with us, talk about it in the Showcase and Critiques Sub-Forum!

All discussion posts will be pruned and if some of our more unruly members repeatedly talk in here, well then we may have to take further action.

So keep this simple and GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK!

This will help us keep the content up there updated and pleasing to everyone! Just because you post doesn’t mean we will use that one, your posts are going to act as suggestions and guides for us!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

[size=4][color=DarkRed]This thread will open in the first week of November so stay tuned and start watching for links you’d like to post![/color][/size]