Sick of MX

my god i wish i had Flash 5 back… i can get it back but actully, MX screwed 5 over when i got it so i cant use 5 anymore… you know how hard it is to get rid of a frame?! my god!! this is driving me CRAZY! i cant stand MX… who else hates it???

I love it !! :smiley:
But you’re rigt, getting rid of a frame is a pain in the @$$.

pom 0]

I really like it, although the interface takes up too much real estate even on a 21 inch. Im seriously considering dual monitors.

It took me a while to just do… remove frames. It seems like an oversight. I dont know why you would not be able a frame that is at the end and simply push it in a little, without it leaving a trail of frames behind.

I agree. There are pains to MX, like when your drawing in it. Its not as smooth. It wont smooth bent lines worth @#%$, but u know. Its got its upsides.

I have actually got used to working on MX (which I now find faster)however I am running dual 19" screens. and this is only just enough room to work. Only problem is if you go back to working on single screen it seems slow and very annoying to do any amount of work.

I love MX :smiley:

I love MX too, its just that everything takes up so much room in that @#%$ program. :slight_smile: its great, but flash5 is more compact.

Just go into keyboard shortcuts and change backspace or whatever to remove frames

That was my main beef with the program too

well i like flash mx myself dunno wot ur all goin on about really frames arent that bad to get rid of its alot easier than flash5 well for sum1 just starting out but i know wot ur sayin it does take up a hell of a lot of room when ur action panals and stuff cum up but im used to it im runnin on a single 15inch moniter its ok though once ur used to it


Some of the keyboard shortcuts are different - especially the one to toggle the actionscript editor. This is confusing and it’s going to take some getting used to.

i still dont like MX. I just cant find any qualities in it better than flash 5. I can only find things in MX worse than in 5… thats really why i want 5 back soo bad. also, in MX its weird, but it just seems so compact and not enough room… in 5 it was, how you say, free :slight_smile:

¥☼¥ Down With MX! ¥☼¥

another thing, its not like i exactly HATE mx… its just the fact that its like a step down from 5 sooo…

I wouldn’t say it’s a step down from Flash 5 though. There is definitely a lot more to it that you might not have discovered yet FireDrake. From initial observation, I can already tell that a lot of people have been benefitting from the addition of the components. There is also a lot more possibilities with the new Actionscripts code they added and the improvement of previous script behaviors. Clearly there is a lot of improvement from Flash 5 - you just might not have tapped into it, especially if you’re not heavy on the Actionscripting or any other advanced components.

I’m in agreement with you on the interface and navigation of MX though. It is cluttered and even slight changes in shortcut keys throws me off. Overall, I’m attracted to the other new features that I’ll get used to this new interface.

well, im not that big in actionscripts. im like, in the intermediate lvl. But i still use it alot, and ive been having alot of troble finding stuff since they changed where everything is. Theres 3 things that really bother me… 1. The new actionscript locations 2. It just seems so cramped, and you cant really move the windows around 3. deleting frames… my GOD you whouldnt believe what i went through with that…

  1. I don’t see how the actionscript location changed…its right there on the left side of the actions panel.

  2. you can customize where your windows are. every single one of them. I have MX set up exactly how I had Flash 5 set up and I have the same exact amount of space as i did before

  3. Make a keyboard shortcut to delete the frames. I don’t have trouble with this because I never used to highlight and delete anyway, I always right clicked and clicked remove frames…

since no one’s backin’ you up, fire, then i will:
i can’t stand MX either. all of a sudden, there are all these panels and your workspace has been reduced to almost nothing. i really liked 5 better and am still using it. there really wasn’t that much change in MX, IMO. the new actionscript is a bore. there were no improvements in AS either, as in efficiency and making some functions faster.

then again, i really didn’t like 5 when it first came out. i loved 4 as well. maybe mx will grow on me. btw, don’t you just hate how it’s called “MX” instead of “6”. now the next flash release will be something corny like “MX2”.

id probably be happy if i could get all the windows and stuff like i had them in flash 5, instead of being cramped on all the sides. i had them all spread out n stuff, giving me plenty of room. I think your right thoriphes, most people have been saying they just start to like MX over time…

I think to each his own (I think that’s the quote). For example, I love that Flash MX’s loadMovie function allows you to load external graphics at run time. This is definitely a huge step in terms of what I will be using Flash for. This alone convinced me to switch over.

you can just remove all the panels if they are cluttering the screen. I’ve set them up the way I like and saved the panel layout.

For grins… here’s my setup…

When Im working on design I have a design panel layout with:
toolbar, and properties. All other panels are floating, therefore I open them when Im gonna use them. This gives you just as much space as you had before in Flash 5.

When in actionscript mode and most of the time, I set dev panel layout with

toolbar, properties (below), a/s (just above properties), reference(above timeline), then on the right I have (in this order) Info, align, transform and library. That seems to work for me.

As RenaissanceGirl mentioned… everyone has different tastes…

im not an expert at action scripts, im hardly intermediate. So, people keep saying MX is good for scripting and… uh… stuff, that doesnt really help me. Flash 5 forever! (if only i could still use it… :frowning: )