Simple mc fade in MX

I cant understand why i cant do it. I have a movie clip in the first frame then add a keyframe in 5, go back to the first frame and in the properties inspector, i choose color, then alpha and set to 0,
then to frame five and set to 50%. Then I select all frames and create motion tween. I get that darn yellow exlamation point again and an error when I click it (in the properties inspector). The error says "Cannot motion tween on grouped objects, but can’t I motion tween on mc’s? I just want a simple fade on a mc over 5 frames and I can’t do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, If any one has figured out my question from my post yesterday about how to load and unload an swf using a button. I would be so very happy:) I am just learning and the more I learn I will contribute back, I promise:)

Attachment to the later question is included in this post with explanation of my problem loading and unloading swf with button.

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have you just tried right clicking one of the frames between the two keyframs and selecting Create Motion Tween??? I dunno, try it and see - although it seems like what you said should work.


If the message says the objects are grouped, ungroup them (CTRL +B at both keyframes). Failing that if you use the code:

[COLOR=blue]onClipEvent (load) {
_alpha = 0;

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
Originally I thought of putting a limiter to stop when the alpha got to 100%, but then I thought that the alpha setting can not go higher than 100% so it would stop itself.

The limitation is that the fade in speed would be determined by the fps. Unless you made the mc at a different speed to the rest of the movie. Read this

now i remember, when creating a motion tween you can’t use the same object, must make is a new one. I think i got it right now, the tutorial i was using was confusing and it was for flash 5, I i kept messing up. THank you

I still keep getting an error when I create a motion tween. I tried these diff things. The motion tween still works when I run the movie, but the exclamation mark with an error when I click on it, is still there. Heres what I tried:

I tried ctrl+b to break apart

I tried using two diff objects

I still get this darn exclamation and an error, is this normal?

attached is a swf screen shot of the prob with explanation.

Thank you so much for your replies, i find it very helpful:)

I have been selecting both frames then creating the motion tween, when I do this it appears as to seperate tweens, but when I go to frame one, create motion tween, then to the last frame and create motion tween, it works fine:)

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i’m getting that same exact problem, but it still isn’t working even after i tried what worked for u toad