Site Check/feedback Pls

do check my site and post the feedbacl please.



I like the ScrollPane that has your poetry in it. That’s about it. Without getting much deeper into the problems here just try to have the little animated intro thing only play once at the beginning, not every time you go back to the home page. Um… I don’t even know how to collect my thoughts on this one…

yeah sure will work on that,i still have to bring the entire articles etc into flash,earlier I had my site fully on htm.


your buttons hit tests are weird and try and customize your scroll a bar some more other than that nice site(and all the other guy said)

Hm… not to visually appealing.

The buttons have some janky hit area… if you mouse just above them the words will flash insanely.

The intro, it’s only like 10 seconds long… but as soon as I saw it I wanted to skip it… it doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose.

All the text, such as site name, and button names… they are all selectable, they probably shouldn’t be.

The title has a HUGE text box area. But again… make it not selectable and it will fix that.

What’s w/ the links? They all go external links… and when I click horriscope… it asks me to d/l something. All that should be loaded into your flash movie, not as a seperate page. And if you want to keep it a seperate page make it in a _blank instead of _parent so we don’t have to wait for your site to load again.

The text running into the turkey in the lower right corner disappears.

Clicking that picture frame on the left is scary cause it pops up and starts animating like crazy. It also opens in a non-embeded swf.

Poems are pretty cool

Site needs lots of work. Graphically, it’s not smooth. Usability and functionality, is prolly a 2 out of 10. LOOOTS of work IMO.

Thanks for ur feedback, I started to convert them fully into Flash only from yesterday.I will surely fix the probs soon.