Site check pleeeeeeeease :)

Hi Everyone, New to the Kirupa forums, currently doing the rounds on a few forums trying to get constructive criticism on my site.

Any comments will be appreciated!

Cheers everyone.

Excite Media

may be it’ll be better if you use the pixel font of the content for navigation buttons.
The mailing list e-mail input field needs a valid e-mail verification script.
And when scrolling the project lists on portfolio the white left border also scrolls up

Well everyone pretty much already said what i was thinking…its slow and the fonts off…
Only advice i have for you is in the animation…try to pipe down i bit…especially the water effect…i have done the same thing on a site once and ended up getting rid of the water animation cause it slowed down the site…you could make the water animation smaller…im pretty sure its a big file size on the water movie…
i have gotten mine under 50kbs with a few tricks…without loseing much quility either…if you dont want to get rid of the water effects then try making them as small as possible…smaller then 100kb…those effects are really weighing down your site.
other then that your heading on the right direction…great job