Site Critique please\r\rits not done, but please tell me what you think anyways …it would be appreciated

Not to discourage you but it is a little plain compared to what’s out there.\r\rGood start anyhow!!!\r\rKeep it up

There is a specific forum to post site critiques:\r\rI wouldn’t recommend putting it here - all the best sites (or at least in theory) will be posted here and people might critique your site more harshly.\r\rIt’s a good start but I wouldn’t say it’s Site of the Week material. There’s too many different fonts used at the same time and it makes your layout unclean. The elements (such as the headers, borders, etc) are inconsistent. I see that you used flash for the top menu. You can achieve that same effect using HTML. It’s more efficient to do so because if you’re not going to use Flash’s unique capabilities, you should stick to HTML.

OK i just refurnished it, what do you think of it now? It’s still not done but this is the foundation of it.

Wow! Much much better!

is it seriously better?

Hey neurongaming,\rYeah, seriously the site does look a lot better. Now, there is a minor nitpicky detail that you might consider changing. Try changing the font from Times New Roman to something more edgy like Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, etc. that makes your site look even cooler!

Good point Kirupa. But I think the weird thing is the inconsistent font face. In some parts, Courier is used, and in others it’s Times New. The font size also varies too much. Try sticking to a basic font face and size and use that throughout.

Hey guys thanks for the compliments and the suggestions. Im going to change all the font on the site to Arial.

Yep, that’s much much better.\r\rpom 0]

Thanks for the reply to my post. As for your site…looks better but still needs work …lots of it…on the design. Give it time you’ll get it. Cheers.

I replied to the wrong thread!!! sorry…liked your site by the way…so sorry…forgive my stupidiness…

lol, you are forgiven. This time! :wink: :lol: