Site of the week submission

Hi All!

I just wanted to submit my site as a potential site of the week candidate.

Here is the link:

Let me know what you think.

Mike Miller

Hey there,

i went to check out your site and i got to your home.html page which opens a popup window, but thats about it. The popup window was blank for me. I know there was a flash file there, so I waited for 3 minutes to see if it was a big file/if there was a preloader.

Might have just been my machine, we´ll see if it is just me when somebody else responds.



It loaded here, Uthar. And it’s a nice site, professional, clean. Not much to say about it :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

but i miss something special and unique.:-\

Hey there,

Sorry about that… I have two machines in my office, and the one I was on when I checked it I kept to the flash 5 plugin (to check over various content I make). That’s probably why it didn’t load if your splash page says MX on it.

I went there on my regular machine and it worked fine. It has a nice design and very nice contrasting colours. I like :slight_smile:



Yeah its always goo dto have a plugin checker, since MX is not so widely spread yet…I made the same experience.

Macromedia has a deployment kit you can use for those cases.



Thanks to everyone who replied!

I really appreciate the input.

Funny thing is that I am using the flash deployment kit. If you didn’t have the MX plug-in you should have been directed to another page that asks you to upgrade. It worked during our Beta tests.

I’ll look into it and let you know what I find.

Thanks again!

Mike Miller

great site, really enjoyes the lay out, colors and navigation. However one thing: the animations were a bit choppy and I am running a 1gig machine with a digital service line connection - so I dont think it was on my end. Just thought I’d point it out. But in all awesome site.

i tried again and it works now. i like that camera-effect and the navigation. :asian:
the sound ist not my style that much but fits to the graphic. i think the sound could be little lower. :bandit:

wow nice site :slight_smile:

nice site :slight_smile: keep flashing :slight_smile: