Hello guys!

Being a newbie I would like to know if a site completely done in flash is too heavy to be usable on the net or it is fine in today’s standards.



There are site completely done in flash EVERYWHERE on the net. To minimzie the loading time so they aren’t as heavy most sites utilize the loadMovie() function in flash.

If you are planning on making a full flash site you should definitely try and learn this feature, it comes in handy.

its fine… look under the cool sites section and youll find loads of fully flashed sites. Just becareful about file size and try to cut up the site into smaller pieces so no one gets bogged down.

that was weird… we posted at EXACTLY the same time.

That is some skill right there Ryall…haha :slight_smile: I still beat you:P :evil:

drat :evil:

Thanks for all your help and as soon as I have something “on the go” I am sure to let you guys know! And thanks for that tip about the loadMovie() function, I am sure to use it!