Sleepless in Orlando

I normally get a good 4-6 hours of sleep. Ah… refreshing! But now that I bought UnrealTournament 2003, I may be awake for days at a time… yipeeee!

I have no idea why I posted this, but I do know that there are other gaming geeks out there!! Welcome, my bretheren!

lol… I’m a quake addict… I know exactly what that’s like.

I scored my first 60 kills in a single match of freezetag. Time unfrozen 4 minutes. I was in a groove.

and his vorpal rail went ziggity zap, ziggity zap.

Current names at the freezetag servers

Dangerous Beans
Kai Wren
Mystery Meat

Usually on Viper or CH33S3

Unreal hasn’t cut it for me yet. I haven’t seen 2003 yet.

I need speed man, speed. My system is top notch, I have dsl in/out and I can’t get UT to play fast enough.

Really? That’s interesting, cause it’s always been wicked fast for me… hmm… wonder, wonder… The new one is cool. The did a lot of work to keep weapons balance. I think I like it…