Something original + 3D 3D and 3D

Check out my site, one day i got sick of all the look alikes and made something fresh, something new, something around 4.5 megs blush blush\r\rBelieve me! Its totally worth it !!!\r\rRawBot69\r\

You maximized my browser! Big no-no! It’s unnecessary and creates a bad effect because there’s all this black space around your swf file. If you must, I suggest a specific sized pop-up.\r\rI like the screen panels on the side though - that’s a nice effect. And the design is quite original. The section transition tweens take too long. Lastly, include a way to turn off the sound.

Personally, I don’t mind the maximized browser if it has a use, but I must admit that when it’s unnecissary it’s not the best.\r\rAmazing site… But…\r\rThe loading time is insane. The server is slower than my modem, which causes a major flaw when the website’s 3.5 megabytes.\r\rAnd there seems to be no way to turn off the ambience…\r\rNone the less, the site looks amazing - very clever design.