Smooth buttons

I have been able to almost duplicate the action of these buttons on this site:

but how did they get them to be so smooth? Is it a movie clip within the button maybe? Any advise would be helpful.

Thanks, Gazzer:cowboy:

I also saw this site and was impressed at how smooth the buttons were, If any one knows how this was achieved could you let us know.

When I attempted to copy the style I placed a movie clip on the overstate of a button but it didn’t achieve the look that I was after :bandit:

If you find out anything let me know. I noticed that Kirupa visits this site often!:cowboy:

Well, that’s a motion tween isn’t it? High frame rate probably.

pom :q:

I agree with Ilyas…=)

a movie clip with at least 20fps=)


Yep, it’s a high frame rate that does that. I’ve used it once or twice to get round nasty, jerky tweens. It just means that when you want things running at a lower speed you have to fiddle around a little.

I’d say what he’s done is stuck movie clips on the states of the button (very seamlessly, as well) which has got the slight alpha fade on to bring the pictures into full opacity…