So, I chatted with h88/pinnedbot yesterday!

A lot of you may remember him from “back-in-the-day” :stuck_out_tongue:

These Google Hangout chats are a lot of fun. I know I keep mentioning this (and never following up), but I think we should all try to do a group chat at one point just for fun! It’s different seeing and talking to all of you in real-time as opposed to reading walls of text!

But I can spend hours mulling over what my little wall of text says. In a chat I have to react in real time! :worried:

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I’m in, though sen is absolutely correct. You’ve all seen how stupid my comments are after I’ve had time to think about them, just imagine how dumb I am live.

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ill join but do I have to show my dumb face?

Oh hey - I remember that guy. What’s he been up to?


If only he were here to tell us…

tbo - yes! No hiding behind an avatar! :spy:

I ask because I wasnt sure if you meant text chat

Welcome again @h88!

Yeah, we should do a wider hangout. Might need a theme or something… could just be “the Kirupa reunion”… announced via the newsletter?


(Apparently there’s a minimum post length, thus this message. Admins apparently enjoy no privileges.)


We should get h88 in on this as well :stuck_out_tongue: