Who is up for another Google Hangout session?

The last one was a blast, so it seems like a good idea to try it again!

If you are in, post some times that will work for you :slight_smile:


I’m in. Evenings are best.

Like TC, nights; or weekends.

Perfect - would Thursday the 16th at 9PM PST work? :slight_smile:

Pinging @senocular and @tbo because they were present last time.

Edit: the time is fine on my end.

Yeah i would join again. I cant really do weeknights at that time though (12am for me) , it would have to be earlier in the evening or weekends any time.

I don’t want to hold you guys up though so im totally fine with just catching the next one if 9pst works for the rest of you

We can do earlier in the evening if that works for everyone. Like 6PM PST :slight_smile:

We can’t really have a hangout without you, @tbo !!!

That should work for me

Yeah 6 PM PST should be fine.

That’s 3 AM EST :run_in_fear:

Cool! I would prefer 6 PM PST which is Fri, 7:30 AM IST. Weekends would be better though. What’s the duration for the session? I will try to get in. :slight_smile:

Pretty much anytime works for me.

what happens in the google hangout session?

Does the 16th (this Thursday) at 6pm PST work for you all?

Numinus - nothing specific! Just us chatting casually about web development and so on. It’s totally informal, so you should join in. At the very least, it is fun to see what all of us look and sound like haha.

kadaj - it’s as long or as short as you want it to be!

That’s fine for me.

OK everyone - see you all tomorrow (16th at 6pm PST)! I’ll post the link to the hangout in this thread once it has been created. My e-mail alias is [email protected], so you can find me through that as well.


Hi guys, im sorry i wont be able to make this one. Ill definitely be at the next one though. Sorry for the late notice

tbo - NOOO!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Haha, no worries! Next time, though!

Ok, in order to start the call, I need to invite someone first. TC, Kril, Sen - I’ll send you guys the invite and post the link in a moment after that!

Join in everyone! The link is: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/ungmo6ukyncddmczh455ki2j7ie?authuser=0&hl=en


I’m on the way!

TC, sen, kril - Really fun and awesome as always! :stuck_out_tongue: