Up for a Hanging Out in Google Hangout? #2

Hi everyone,
I was wondering - would you all be up for meeting at some point via Google Hangout? I’ve seen this done for smaller teams in a company, but I figured it may be cool to try this out with our smaller group.

If there is interest in this, let’s figure out a time that works and put some faces and voices to the screen names!


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I found this thread too. The idea truly has been around for years.

What are we waiting for?

krilnon found a weird bump, so we’re waiting for the results from the Dr. to see what it was.

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You’ll have one too, soon: :sen: --> :trout:


Haha well I can see this isn’t going to work out… again.

No reason it still can’t. When are people available? Weekends?

Weekdays, outside of 9-5 PST. Weekends, usually late or early… maybe.

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Weekdays work best for me, and I can move things around to make it work :stuck_out_tongue:

Week nights and possibly weekends para mi.

Some of us have managed to pull this off before, somehow. Why does it seem so difficult now?

Week nights seem workable for the four of us at least.

Easiest way to make it happen is to propose a time, e.g. August 23rd at 6pm (9) Pacific.

August 23rd at 6PM EST (9 PST) sounds good to me!!! Shall we make that the meetup time?

Only 6pm EST is 3pm PST :thinking:

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Hahaha. I thought my notation was a bit ambiguous but Kirupa’s really takes the cake.

I dont use hangouts how do you join the call, an email invite?

Truthfully, I’ve never even heard of Google Hangout. But I’m looking forward to our meeting at 6 PM MST (10 AM EST).

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A hangout can be a skype-like call, or it can be as simple as sharing a link with someone like Adobe Connect (if you’ve ever used that). It runs as a standalone app (devices) or directly in a browser on your computer. Pretty simple stuff.

Sigh. My brain is more fried these days than usual. 9PM EST / 6PM PST, right? This is going to be awesome! :slight_smile:

Tbo - do you have a gmail account? If so, you can just e-mail me at [email protected] and we can easily add-you/send-an-invite to the chat session!