So what do ya think to this site...?

We at Fruit New Media have just released a * new flash site* and ask if we could please have some feedback:\r\ \r\rWe have steered well away from futuristic, seen it before stuff, and tried to add a little FUNK! We would really appreciate some constructive critisism from fellow web surfers… mainly you guys :wink: \r\rRegards,\rNick

1/ Love it, very fresh,very fruity ;)\r2/ I believe you used the getframesloaded in your preloaders instead of getbytes, so up to a certain point, it seems to load quite fast, and all of a sudden, on a “heavier” frame, it stops…better use bytes not to get this “is it still loading?” impression…\r3/why are those cool bg-pics cut into slices, IMHO it would be nicer with a gradual alpha fade left to right on just one pic\r4/why don’t you keep streaming in the rest of the content in the background while the user looks at some part, would make for a shorter wait when accessing other sections?..\r\rStill, like it a lot, very good transitions! Très joli!

you have a very nice and refreshing site there…with some original ideas…\r\rsome of the tranistions are very amusing… [ spider!!! ]…\r\ri agree with eyez… about the background images…\r\rkeep up the good work…\r\rcheers…ben…

awsome site, btw how do u make it so that the flash\rmovie resizes according to browser size?

use a percentage instead of a size in your embed and object tags. i.e. width=100%, as opposed to width=400.\r\rI believe that should work.

Very nicely done. I’m left with the same impression as those above… Very smooth… very nice colors. Cool, and easy to understand navigation… who could ask for more?

I think its more cute than funky, but it is very easy to nav and the little fruit bowl for navigating is a good idea. The only thing that kept catching my eye was the the stroke on the logo. the outline seems a bit thick perhaps a hairline would make it look cleaner. Oh yeah, I like the transitions too.\r\rp.s. whats wrong with futuristic stuff? :wink:

I like it too. Some good ideas there. \r\rPersonally I think it’s quite nice to see something a little different from the futuristic style stuff, that’s kicking around at the moment. (NOT that there’s anything wrong with futuristic stuff mind! There just seems to be a heck of a lot of it about) :0)

hey… that futurific stuff is my bread and butter :wink:

Then perhaps you should try some margerine on that bread? :slight_smile: \r\rEverything has it’s place, don’t get me wrong i’ve seen some cool futuristic sites, but I tend to see everyone (and I use the term very loosly) going down the futuristic road, no matter what the website is about. It’s great as a theme, but not for eveything. :wink:

\r\rHahahahaham I love the intro. Very original. The rest of the site looks good too.\r\r\rAlex

Thankyou for your comments guys, we have recently changed the thumbnails in our ‘what we have done’ section to sharp simple logo/brand name images. \r\rthanks again for all your help so far, any further comments are always appreciated.\rNick :rollin: