Why do academic students fail

it is not a students fault to fail. there is (365) days in a year and i will give a complete explanation to this problem. there is (52) sundays in a year. these days students should take a day off. so (313) days r left. and the summer holiday is (50) days. that leaves us with (263) days. every body should have (8) hours of sleep evryday. so we should take off (122) days so were a left with (141) days. and one hour every day to play (good for your health) so we take (15) days off. that leaves us with (126) days. and (2) hours every day to eat so we take (30) days and that leaves us with (96) days. and one hour a day for communicating with others (human biengs are socailized creatures), reading books, magazines playing games etc. so we take off (15) days. so that leaves us with (81) days. the exams days need about (35) days. so we r left with (46) days. there r many holidays such as the mid year holiday and other similar holidays and those holidays add up to (40) days. so we r left with (6) days. (3) das for sickness over the whole year. and (2) days for watching movies and doing entertaining things (we need to have a life). so we r left with one day and the is you birthday happy birth day.

for arabic readers the pic maybe easier for u

Faulty math. If you have 263 days you are working and you sleep for 8 hours every day, you can’t multiply the 8/24hours by 365, you have to multiply it by 263. Basically i can’t write in english how to do math, but that is wrong.

i know what you mean

comedy “skip school” option

You posted this before…

i’ve heard it before, and if you do the math as stated, it’s not
really accurate. Still interesting and depressing nonetheless.

hehe. cute.
i’ll tell you why students really fail though.
they work so hard everynight at their job that they sleep right through classes and miss all their stuff.