Some noobie help

I’m starting to just get into flash.

and i want to make my first site in flash.

Now i am pretty good at photoshop and i can make layouts in there and slice them up. so im presuming to make it flash you just keep importing all the images?

Well if thats so,

whats the code to have like

homenav.gif changes to homenavon.gif etc etc

Flash works a bit different to HTML.

You will have to make a Button instance. Go to > Insert > New Symbol. Click on Button and name your instance. Then open up this new instance in the library and there will four frames in the timeline. Up/Over/Down/Hit. Put your normal state in the Up frame and your rollover in the Over frame. Then simply add this symbol to the main stage.

However, it is usually better if you create as much as possible within flash using the drawing tools and not import from photoshop if possible, as this cuts down on loading time. Also, using photoshop images constricts you a bit too much when animation is concerned. If you have background images, that should be fine, but for buttons, I would definately create them in Flash.

A good tutorial site that I find very useful is:

and of course, there are some tutorials on this site too.

Oh, well um but sif i would know how to draw uber buttons in flash like i can in photoshop cause im new. :stuck_out_tongue:

Flash drawing tools are pretty easy to get used to. Even I can use them and I’ve pretty much got 2 left hands when it comes to animation. (And I’m right handed)
The goal should be keeping file size down. Importing images is going to make your flash files huge, especially if you want to import every layout used in the site.
If you want to do that, fine, but people visiting your site may not be patient enough to sit out the loading times.