Some problem solving

Hi guys,
Not so much a “what’s the syntax for…” question but rather a “what’s the best way to go about this?” problem.

Basically, I have an AfterEffects movie of a 3D-ish spiral turning. In Flash, I want to dynamically add thumbnails onto it (a class extending Sprite) and they should follow the path of the spirals. However, to keep things simple they’re just moving backwards and forwards along the x-axis. Attached is a crude example of what I mean.

I’ve tried tweening a “guide” movieclip on top of the movie and then telling the class to constantly adjust it’s x values etc to that movieclip’s, I’ve tried using sin() and cos() and a few other tricks but it’s just not looking quite good enough.

Using Actionscript for the animation is definately my preferred choice but the problem is that if it’s following the video, it constantly needs to be on it’s “strand” and the easing involved in the video is far more complicated than what I can produce to an exact degree in Flash.

I also considered a “green screen” effect. Getting the video editor to put a bunch of boxes filled with a solid colour in the actual video then have Flash detect areas of green, bright red etc and use that to position the box. It would take a lot of time that I don’t have however and if it didn’t work out, I’d be screwed deadline-wise!

Anyways, any ideas any of you geniuses may have are more than welcome! Thanks for reading…

PS: Sorry but there’s a ridiculous filesize limit for attachments on these forums! Please download the file here:

My life depends on it!!! :wink: