Some well deserved kudos

i have been watching the battle forums and the work there is greaT, there is some real undiscovered talent in this kirupian gAthering., grinch, silent gear, sharif aNd unflux have been greaT to watch, just seeing how everything turns out aNd how they feed of each other its greaT :beam:

so i wAS inspired to see how i go with A bit of photo manip…

And this is it, C&C more the welcome


Yea the battles are pretty good, only problem is that the images get way to messy most of the time and the “original” element is lost, and everyone loves to use the overexposure technique like it’s goin outta style. NO offense guys.

Anywho your photomanip is aight, looks like you took a vector star and swirl outta Ill or Flash, put a burst on top. Not to much going on, Concept = good, application = average… good start though.

Make it so the star isn’t as noticable. And the swirl is odd looking look like it’s a watermark on a photo from corbis.

everyone loves to use the overexposure technique like it’s goin outta style.


as for the image, i don’t really like the 70’s look washed out colors, and the font…

Though I haven’t done much battles thanks for the comment :snug:.

And I really do like your piece. It does get kudos from me since you really tried to achieve some of what the other battlers were doing. I practice personally - when I can - about 3 - 5 hours a day on photoshop. So just practice and you’ll be great in no time.

And one thing I suggest you fix is to make the glow more of a brighter and shinier glow and make it really look like it’s comng out of the hand :bounce:.

Good luck,

thanks for the comments guys, :thumb: :hugegrin:

simplistik - i took out the swirl and fixed the burst.
**mlk ** - that wAshed out 70’s look was how i got the original pic. sorry
reefster - thAnks for the kind words.

after taking everything into account i tried fixing my picture, and this is how it turned out


Much better - a tip - next time you should change some of the colors up. Red/Brown doesn’t really look well with green, use bright and realistic colors ;).

thanks man, peAce