Something different? Please check the hideout of Dr.M'Bongo

Hey drmbongo,
The animation is really nice. I had a lot of fun just moving the mouse around the main screen and watching the animation scroll. The animation was really nice. Have you considered making your animation display in a pop-up window customized to your animation’s size. I think that would look better because you seem to use only one SWF file that does not change.

Unbelivable, anyone want a slightly used Flashprogram, just kidding. Nice, I lovd the style and and and well everything.
Great job. Now let’s see what did I miss, sounds, some little sounds in the night. Thats just about it.

Very nice

Excellent… beutiful… well worth looking through… this person makes us all look like amatures. :slight_smile:

This person makes us devote more time and effort to our projects…Im sure it took a lot of planning and storyboarding to get this site the way it is…Did you check out the portfolio?
the complex actionScript on those thinngymaggig that wobbles around. thats an excellent menu by the way!

One of these days (maybe 250 years from now) I’ll be as good or even better!..heheh