SOTW: a work of art\r\r(links open pop-ups)

Back in the early 90’s people were doing that style of experimental site, some of which one could find on the remidi project web site. But now a days most of the work looks commecial, or has distinct styles (transformer look 3D, pixel design which I am getting tired of, or the sim city look k10k, or everything looks like 2advanced…HELP!). My point is, that the Web lacks originality, the originality it once had when it first started out…that underground feel, which is mostly gone now because most designers user their site as self promo tools and most businesses wont have use fo rthat experimental underground style. \r\rBut this Web site that is posted here has some of that feel of originality and old school experimental, of the days of 52mm and entropy.\r\rI hope we will see more of this.\r\rI like the illustrations very much, and the feel of darkness. But most of all I love the sound design, there are some really great sound samples.\r\rThe visual style totally reminds of “the scream”, a total angst piece.\r\rNice job.

I completely agree with your opinion about todays sites, as one “style” gets widely accepted and praised, everybody follows along, it’s either pixel, or theory7/ 2advanced, or some other style, but not much originality, everything starts to look the same; clean, nice… except once in while, a site like this, and you’re right i forgot to mention: turn your speakers on and winamp of! :wink:

Amazing… Site of the Year ?\r\rpom 0]

Aha - now people can’t use the excuse: “You can’t make a flash site that does NOT look like 2advanced” anymore! The mystery meat navigation is a bit discouraging though - but that’s not entirely uncommon among art/portfolio sites. Regardless, the artwork is brilliant.

little over a year ago I seen this site…I swear it was this site…I tried searching for it but never could remember the name…yup…this is the site. The art work is amazing!!!

Web design is not about art, it’s about making money

Awful pragmatic, aren't you Renni ?\r

Well if you’re selling your art or your services… yes it is about making money! Frequently nowadays a lot of “web design services” try to design really nice artsy fartsy sites that are just not usable if you are trying to look for information or services. This is a common pitfall among flashers too. I think that was the argument in the Mystery Meat article.\r\rI can’t understand a word on this site but I’m under the assumption it is NOT a business site. It looks like a personal site - in which case, the artist should express himself in any way, mystery meat or not. Hey, my site utilizes mystery meat navigation too - but it’s my personal space.

I have not seen a site that was so eye catching and thought provoking in a long long time. Excellent work. I only wish my imagination could warp in so many derranged ways :slight_smile: