kirupas site of the week is a blatant rip off of

do you mean cluhendrix?


Yeah, that does look a lot like Clu Hendrixes site. Hmm… interesting.

I didn’t vote for him anyway.

I didn’t either, I always seem to back an outsider. :slight_smile:

You’re right though, there is a close similarity. Although you could argue that almost everything has been done before, so whatever you do is going to resemble something that already exists. It <i>is</i> very alike though…

I think he means Kajinku… not sure tho… i think it looks more like the cluhendrix site…

I didn’t vote for him either. I didn’t want Kajinku to win but it’s not up to me so…

Also, he directly admitted to being “inspired” by Pixelranger:

well, I’ve seen some PRETTY horrific rips before…

not this one though, it looks a bit like pixelrangers site, but it’s not direct rip… it does resemble it tho…

I’ll see if I can find that ripped site again… some people have no shame…

I honestly don’t think that the Kanjinku site is a rip. It has the same colors and such, but it does not have that morph on the top like the Cluhendrix site, and it doesn’t have the “white-grid-leaves” growing on the screen. The layout is not the same.

What constitutes a rip-off? Using the same colors? If my favorite color is blue then I’m going to make a blue site. Using a particular layout that is present on another site? I have yet to see a completely original navigation and when I do see an original navigation it is a stupid one… like that ASTUTE site with its resource draining stupidity…

In the technological age where everyone can have a website and everyone usually does, you are going to get copies and you are going to get people that like the look and feel of a site and incorporate that. How much originality is left in the world?

There’s gaining inspiration from… and there are blatant rip-offs.

When I see a site that has…

*2advanced’s navigational system, complete with the same animations
*2advanced’s color scheme
*A circular logo that totally resembles 2advanced’s logo that has that uses a very similar animation in the intro.
*The layout, including the portfolio and submenu animations

…all at work at the same time… it’s a blatant rip-off to me! This happens a lot.

in the Kanjunku site? You see the 2Advanced menu system? He has a nav bar at the top… yeah. The buttons get brighter when you roll over, but its nowhere near 2advances menu? They have blinky stuff and that bar underneath… I’m not seeing it. I agree that the color scheme is the same. The submenus are the same because he uses images in the place of where they put their content. I honestly don’t see it as a rip. i have seen worse rips of 2advanced than this and they were actually praised for their creativity and originality…

I’m not saying it’s K’s is a blatant rip-off… but it does happen and I personally don’t give points to such sites. While I will agree that no idea is original anymore… I still don’t think it’s ok for sites to rip off 2advanced.

I didn’t vote for K’s site because it isn’t particularly innovative and does have a basic resemblance to 2advanced (even though it wasn’t the intention of the creator). To put it simply. If I stand back and look at Kajinku’s site, I see 2advanced’s layout. He has a circular logo at the upper left corner, a menu beneath and areas for text at the bottom that do that “fast blink animation” before finally revealing the contents. Okay, fine, the similarities stop there because Kajinku’s menu is nowhere near as detail-oriented as 2advanced and neither are his intersection tweens or animations. Neither did he innovate and create animations of his own. In summation, it really is nothing more than a cheap 2advanced imitation, IMO. So yes, you are right: not a clone exactly or blatant ripoff… there are worst sites out there.

But that’s just my opinion.

I’m a little fed up with 2advanced clones now… Even the original site has kinda lost its initial appeal. Maybe that’s just me. :-\

You know… I have been both hoping for and dreading a new 2A version.

They need a change, their style is being played out and it is old, but if they get a new version you know what that will be like. No more old 2A rip off, but more new 2A rip offs.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am also tired of seeing a “link” to 2advanced to “authenticate” their design.

I swear I have seen their link on more “cloned” sites than a MM d/l button…

::rant over::