I hate to be a rat, but I think this company would not be too happy with the person listed as #8 in this weeks SOTW forum.

I remembered seeing it elswhere, and couldn’t remember where…but i found it through a google search again. For ease I have posted the file in question on my site.

hmmm… looks pretty blatant to me… no way is that logo and the colour scheme a coincedence… naughty boy! smacks wrist

it is very similar to this site just posted down below…


but maybe that is just coincedence…or they are both copying someone lol

not that i think his site was going to win anyway…but should i have sent this somewhere else?

I dont really think the site is a rip… it’s style that has been used on several sites in the past two years, but not copied.

just the logo I’m concerned with.

naaaa… kirupa will see it in a mo…his mono helps him focues in on stuff! :ub:

scarpering! :run:

Both sites are very similar indeed, but I have no clue which one was the original, if not already ripped, is the other a rip, … If the site that was submitted for SOTW is indeed a rip, action will be taken, but first we need to make sure.

That style is common around the internet too.

That other site’s logo was a definite rip of the bar logo you have on your site. Though I couldn’t find the site of that bar - it should be located in Helsinki.

good site: http://www.ripperhunting.com

lmao… that’s awesome… I don’t think there has been one ripper to come here that hasn’t been called out. I mean really… what do ppl think? This is a large graphic community, and yet they still try to pull one out and think no one will notice.

As for the site… that’s a free downloadable script, that’s why it’s seen so many places. It’s been used over and over and isn’t very original anymore.

We havent needed to deal with any cloning/copying in this forum for quite a while now I would like to keep it that way. If we realise something has been copied, we should report it to the original authors first and then notice people that need to know.

Sorry, I would have, but he entered his site in SOTW…and I can’t post there…emailing him wouldn’t prevent him from fooling everyone else for the competition anyway.

I thought I did the next best thing. Maybe we can close this thread now?

Why do people rip? I mean honestly, do they not have any imagination or creative background? But yet they make a site for their “art” portfolio. It’s ludacris!

For those of us who didn’t grow up with the internet… I think the temptation to do this is easier to avoid.

But don’t be too hard on him, he’ll learn hi lesson and move on.

The designs do look similar. I guess during the weekly SOTW deliberations, we mods will figure something out on what to do with his entry :slight_smile:

When’s the SOTW for this week end anyway?

It’ll be a few days after the end date. So expect to see the final results around the 30th or 31st.

Cool :thumb:

we were ripped a few weeks ago, and thanks to Voetsjoeba and a couple of other guys and advice, it was taken down. I can sympathise.I have seen that resize colour component everywhere though…( uif you over lay both the logos in question in photoshop… they line up to each other beautifully…

What are you guys talking about? I’m not seeing what you’re seeing. how about links to both for the canadian with the half frozen brain. :lol:

SOTW Submission: http://www.izoref.ro/

Same flame logo, different place: http://www.rkdesignstudio.com/rip.gif

Similar, indeed, but no one seems to know which came first. :h: