SP-ViSiOn.com Re-designed

Hey all!!!
Not long ago i posted the link to my site and got a load of feedback from all you guys… :beam:

So now after a full layout re-design and a couple of content modifications Im posting my site again :slight_smile:

Check it out…

Pls post feedback, thoughts, suggestions, compliments, anything…

Everything will be considered and is usefull to me… :beam:

Thx alot!!!


P.S.:- Now my goal is to fine tune the site and increase its traffic, get the forum runnin’… any tips on how i can accomplish this… thx again :}

nice setup and thangs hanging out in your avatar :azn:
only got a couple suggestions:
make like a drop shadow on the whole table, cause the background is active as hell and kinda makes the table look flat <to me> and move the pic of month above updates
and make the nav left aligned with the album covers, just ma thoughts, btw 1 thing i dont know if you intended this, but theres a huge space above download of the week, otha than that good site and good choice of music :slight_smile:

iiight thx for your suggestions… ill try em out n see how it looks… keep ya posted…


nice site. you might want to lose the splash page. cause its just another thing for people to click before they enter the site. also i couldn’t see the navigation. took me a while. try moving it up top or to the left like yonip said. other than that nice site.

when I sew the splash I had impression that is a flash site…darkstarclone was right…you dont need a splash page for portal. I like the layout I enjoyed some nice photos :slight_smile: love the view. I would make the nav on the top or from the right side, as it was really hard to find it, on this layout. I wanna see more flash man :stuck_out_tongue:

good stuff

Thx for all the suggestions… I think im gonna move the nav up top lol… Happy you enjoyed the pics:)… and for more flash im thinkin of addin an mp3 player with a couple of songs… i had it on the previous version of the site… n got some good feedback bout it… hmmm… what else… oh yea… any suggestions on how to drive ppl to my site… like increase traffic…
thx again…

kk… here ya go i moved things around a bit lol… tell me what u think and if you prefered how it used to be…

Updated Layout

To view the previous one and compare scroll up:}


I like the nav position better, but its still hard to see it, maybe adding a color to the nav would make a difference…and also u dont need that NAV: try adding :: between the nav items…pic of the month its very dark.

nice avatar…

oh right, the site. Ya, layout and design are great, ditch the spash page, and make navigation a little more obvious. aside from that. nice avatar.

(im no fan of hip hop or rap)

kk i followed most suggestions… n i added a lil flash mp3 player lol… very simple one…
check it out


Any ideas on how to increase traffic??? :slight_smile:

Nice site but it seems to be a little graphic intensive, I found that it took a while to load and I’m using a broadband connection. Also the mp3 player, the previous and next button hit states need to be made bigger.

On a plus note the sites graphics are very attractive and generally the site is well laid out. You’ve got a wide variety of content there as well.


lol. i was watching the battles in the download section. that jin guy is crazy. lol wow.

GOOD STUFF :slight_smile: maybe a play button on mp3 player! because lets say u dont wanna switch song, but u want to stop it…and then where u click to start the same song u just stopped?

g job on menu…much better…I love the beats :slight_smile:

haha yea jin is amazin at freestylin’ his album is droppin’ in october:)

yea i did the mp3 player pretty fast lol forgot bout a play button lol… oh n im happy u like the songs the first one was recorded by two of my friends… they are unsigned but real good… if u really like the songs u can get em in the forum… :slight_smile:

Now that im gettin the layout down any ideas on promotion… lol… i have no clue on how to tacle that… help will be greatly appreciated… :slight_smile: