Comments on jpg

Hey all, I am putting together my site, and I wanted some opinions on my first draft of a graphic for my splash page, you can see it at

Just pay attention to the larger graphic in the middle everything else is just temp to fill the gaps. I’ll add text to the pic, but for now this is the base I am starting with.

Any and all opinions welcome!


Very nice Ryall!

Thank you very much - esp coming from you!
More comments appreciated/NEEDED!!! =)
Thanks again

Please try to only post identical topics in one forum instead of three.

Yeah, I posted in this one and then I noticed that 2 more sprouted up.

sorry guys, just didnt think these areas got as much traffic as others, or the same people through them. Just looking for peoples comments. Once again - my bad.

I like it.

I’ve got a thing about the turquoise colours (using them for my own site), and I think they work really well. What did you use to make it?

nice graphic. are the dots suposed to say something? or are they just there to act pretty? hehe :slight_smile:

Kitiara: the picture was made completely in Photoshop 5.0

Bezzer: you got it! just for looks no functioning

Thanks for you comments!!! Any more QUESTIONS and/or COMMENTS would be great!!


i like it alot, looks great!

*Originally posted by HoJo *
**i like it alot, looks great! **

what he said.

i love the transitions into everything. it brings a tear to my eyes!

only one question… what’s the file size on the initial load?

how’d you make it load like that?

it loads the flash first, then does the jpeg from top to bottom in sections, but as the other parts aren’t loaded, they’re colored in a dark gray.

and again, it looks really nice

You can’t specify how your images load. The browser does that. As for the background being a different color until the page loads, that is just adding a background color to your table cell or html page.

thats cool, simple enough

very cool man

thanks for all the input guys!!! I really appreciate the compliments.