Opinion on graphic

Hey all, I am putting together my site, and I wanted some opinions on my first draft of a graphic for my splash page, you can see it at

Just pay attention to the larger graphic in the middle everything else is just temp to fill the gaps. I’ll add text to the pic, but for now this is the base I am starting with.

Any and all opinions welcome!


I like it… looks real sharp. What is the file size so far?

the main jpg in the middle is 272K and that is without any attempt to keep the file size down, and the whole page is around 355K. This should all come way down as I havent tried to keep it low yet, and I am going to cut out a bit of it - seems too busy to me and that is the comments I seem to be getting from others as well. Any comments, suggestions, dislikes WELCOME I want to make this as well as I can! Thanks

I’m on 56k so I would say file size only, but maybe a bit busy also.
Other than that I liked it.
Despite the fact I am on 56k modem the picture slowly came in, from top down to bottom, not sure if it was intended or not, but it certainly made it much more user friendly to someone on a slow connection.

i like it, nice colors too

The main image in your homepage Ryall is almost 300KB, thats huge!!! My entire splash page is about 55KB and it involves 3ds max renders and hell of a lot of layers…it will take a bit to load for modem users (I pray for them everyday) and if you have any content that 300KB will matter when it comes to a user wanting to visit ur site again, oh yea I fixed my splash cause I changed an image on my server and it screwed with the dimensions so here is the update:

Splash Update: