heres my effort, the good thing about this is it gave me an idea for a logo for my website.

[swf=“http://www.shakethedisease.co.uk/squid/squidban.swf height=60 width=300”][/swf]

[swf=“http://www.shakethedisease.co.uk/squid/squidban3.swf height=60 width=300”][/swf]

i fixed it for you.

thx very much. :slight_smile:

nice one squid! …that was the friendliest squid i met… =)

[swf=“http://www.shakethedisease.co.uk/squid/squidban2.swf height=60 width=300”][/swf]

cheers nox, i’ve been trying to check out your banner thread but all i get is a white box in place of your banner :(.

effort number 2:
put a background in, some bubles and some random movement and placeing so it’ll be different every time. you can still push them about though.

cheers, squid.

edit: bit heavy on the cpu though… oh well all’s fair in love and flash comps. :smiley:

it’s much better! and much soothing!
cheers! :thumb:

just a suggestion… maybe it’s better if they move a little bit slower… they’re just too fast…

maybe my footer hasnt loaded yet… i’ll go check it…

i don’t think i can edit it now it’s posted :frowning: i’ll try lower the speed though and i’ll post the results anyway.

cheers man, squid.


thx man.

Unfortunatly veiwing the page is now crippeling my pc, theres just too instances of the actual footer with too many elemnts moveing about.

think i’m gonna have to turn footers off.