State vs Free Market Healthcare

Hey guys… :slight_smile:

Am I correct in thinking that there is very little (if any) state-provision of healthcare in the US? Here in the UK we have the National Health Service (NHS) which is claimed by many, not to work at all well. I wonder however, what the British people would think if it was suddenly removed and they had to pay on-site for any healthcare they receive.

Does one system work better than another? Does it suit particular countries and governments and not others?

I thought we’d have a nice, healthy (no pun intended) discussion on the pros and cons. Feel free to describe some of the things you have experienced at the hands of your lacklustre (or otherwise) healthcare system :slight_smile:

Fundamental Diffrences thats all,
I beleive Goverment are the people that have the power to help other people. I think Socialism is on the contrary for the benefit of most people if not all, I aslo beleive not being able to dig yourself out of a problem, be it health, financial or psychological is limiting your freedom, therfore, Social programs increase freedom, again IMO.

You know, topics like this make me greateful to live in canada. Ontario specifiaically. We have OHIP (ontario health insurance plan), I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I’m pretty sure it’s basic prinicple is, the government pays your bills, and you pay them tax. It works pretty well since every common ailment (that hospitalizes you) is covered and some uncomon/rarer stuff too. Mind you, it is still adviseable to get health insurance to pay off the rarer stuff, and to seek a job with worker health benifits (for example, my parents both work and such have ties with two different companies, who pay us back something like 95-98% of what we spend on medication and doctors/dentists bills). I’m not entirely sure how the above works, but so far, that’s what I have gathered. Don’t quote me on it since it may not be 100% accurate.
anyway, just thought I would add that. Bye.

Yeah, RB that is where we are differing. I believe government does and should have a limited role in our lives. I believe that people need to take responability for their own lives. I believe that having to pay the government for healthcare does not make us more free. I believe it makes us slaves to the system of government. I believe we produce more and make better lives for ourselves by keeping government out of our day to day lives.

Until we stop helping those too weak to live, out health care system will suffer.

Well, I think it’s the government’s job to help those weak and powerless. The government needs to stop helping those who aren’t weak but merely lazy.

I agree with you Kirupa, but I am not sure it is the government’s job to take care of the weak. I think it is our jobs as human beings to help our fellow man, but I don’t think government should lead the charge. That is what civic organizations and churches are for. Maybe if people would start going to church again instead of trying to destroy religious monuments then the weak would be taken care of.