Does anyone care?

yes i agree.

I do care that the IRS is the most powerful agency in the us gov’t.

I have personally seen lives destroyed by narrow minded, self interested, IRS agents.

May the good forces of the Earth help you if anyone make them aware of you, or someone you love… Very few others will be able to help…



I care… my family has felt their “mighty hand” many a time.

PS: On a semi-ironic side note… you call yourself world dictator, but hate people with too much power…haha :stuck_out_tongue: (this is just a joke, not an attack at you)

Interesting to note. The taxes we pay in this country, come close to 30% of our salary… we have hikes on the tax rate almost every year which surpass the .3% raise in taxes which prompted our revolutionary war.

The American people are pussies… we wouldn’t know idealism if it smacked us in the forhead. And yes… I include myself in with that ***** remark.

I don’t know what it’s like for Americans, but over here we’re getting a bit fed up with the tax system. I think I read somewhere that in a year, an Englishman has to work until about April/May before he starts earning any money for himself. All you earn up until then goes to the Government.

There’s also this whole thing about National Insurance contributions which go to the Government, and is supposed to pay for things like the NHS and public transport but these services seem to be getting worse by the day.

Council tax on your house, road tax on your car, they’re even thinking of adding a ‘rubbish tax’ to pay for the dustmen, even though this is supposed to be covered by the council tax. VAT on alcohol, cigarettes…

And don’t get an English guy started on the tax on petrol.


When the time is right, I will step onto the pulpit again…

when the time is right… right now there are too many “preachers” and not enough “doers.”


Good thing taxes are voluntary. :smirk:

Ummm. Taxes are mandatory not voluntary.

It costs a fortune to live in this “free” country.

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The most important was…

when it to see that it is prudent to not be very visible… :sleep:



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*Originally posted by lostinbeta *
**Ummm. Taxes are mandatory not voluntary.
It costs a fortune to live in this “free” country. **

*Originally posted by Andy *
Well at least here the president can’t legally execute us , besides the money goes to improving the country.

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** Muhahaha. I will be able to execute as many people as I want when preposition 76548b passes, oh and taxes go to spoiling me and killing my father’s enemys, not helping the country :evil: **

Oooo… Scary…

It is especially worse if you live in states that have egregious state taxes as well. The original idea behind taxes was for a good reason. Over time, though, the gov’t lost track of the intent of taxation and took the people’s ignorance in this matter for granted.

I don’t believe that taxes should be abolished, but the taxes should go toward worthwhile causes. If government would only use the money they receive properly, taxes would be beneficial. The path of rewarding hard-working people by taxing the heck out of them and giving tax-breaks to those who do not work needs to change.

Phil, ever considered running for an elected office? You seem to have the knowledge and the enthusiasm to give it a shot =)

Kirupa :cool:

Oh yeah, taxes are voluntary… if you are willing to be arrested and fined a great deal more money then you would have to pay if you actually paid them, then don’t pay them… but if you don’t want that, then pay them.

So you have a choice, but the results are kind of one sided.

I declare it Fact-Du Jour because I did not know that.

But I guess they can say it is voluntary… you just have to refer to my previous statement. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait wait… Keep in mind I am 18 and have never gotten into politics.

How is signing a tax return form self-incriminating?

Yes, I have certain feelings for our current King… :evil:

They call me a 1 key guy… I don’t own a car (gave away 2 in the last 5 years), only need 1 to get into my apt… =) I don’t own real estate, never will…

Of course I keep the sets of keys of my friend’s apts (3 at the time), in case they get locked out (I am the only one they trust exclusively not to come in and steal their stash/stereo, plus I don’t leave town unexpectedly).

King George doesn’t like people like me. We are freaks in his eyes, even though we spread no malice, we are outlaws to him and his kind. Hence my present status of staying as close as I can to “off the grid.”

That lifestyle comes with its’ own problems, however. It is definitely not an easy choice. But it is my choice, right now… and the IRS is just one of the reasons to stay off of that grid.


Ok, I kind of get what your saying. But if you sign a contract, and you break it, and it is used against you in court… you aren’t testifying against yourself, that is evidence that you did something. Like if you murdered someone but left your jacket with your ID at the crime scene, that can be used against you and you have a choice to plead the 5th, but it is still hard evidence against you.

It is kind of messed up that if you don’t sign it, you pay the price, but if you do sign it, you pay the price.

2:48am here… tired and I have a booming headache so if I make no sense, don’t mind me.

BTW: Phil, how do you know so much about how the government works and what they do with the contracts and such? Is this literal fact or are they conspiracy theories?