- please take a look

Alright… Here we go.

I hope all you fellow Kirupians will take the time to jump by my site.

I just uploaded it - and the gallery section is missing. So it’s still under construction.

It uses an AJAX script from, so I can have a stationary mp3 player at the bottom of the page, that doesn’t reload.
So it’s a mix of AJAX, HTML+CSS and some flash elements thrown in for a little excitement. It’s nothing groundbreaking, and might seem rather simple to some of you guys. But I hope you’ll give me some pointers on improving it anyway.

First of all - I know it looks like cr*p in IE 6 - And I don’t really know what to do about that, except spending the better part of 2008 searching for IE fixes on the net.
I can’t even manage to begin figuring out what CSS it’s getting and what it’s not reading… Arghh…
Or I could just add a little note on the front page, that if you use IE6 you should get off the internet :trout:

I’ve done all my testing in FF2 and a res of 1280x1024.
So if you notice any anomalies on macs, different browsers/ resolutions, etc - please let me know.

Colourwise it’s a dark site - I felt that reflected the music. But if you think I can find a better scheme, please let me know.

I really hope you’ll let me know what you think and give me some crits so I can improve it.

And stop by the “Customer Testimonials” for a good laugh! :beer: