HTML Portfolio Site

Hi Guys,
Would any of you mind taking a look at my site, it is an HTML site that I launched last week.
As you will be able to see, it is nothing too fancy, and a few of the pages are still incomplete, but I basically just wanted to get it up there, and am constantly adding to it as time goes on . . . .


umm, maybe add a preloader and some fancy roll-overs… oh wait - this isn’t a flash site?
uhh, sorry - no can do :wink:

no seriously, nice to see a html page once in a while.

looks nice, good colours, good fonts.
only thing I can see to criticize is the notice telling you that flash player is needed for parts of the site, which is in a different font than the rest. otherwise, good work

Thanks for that . . . .
I intend to be adding some of my Flash work to the “Work” section soon . . .
Thanks again

Very easy on the eyes. Color is great, but I’m afraid the site is a bit empty :huh:.

For example, go to about. There is only a few sentences there with a lot of blank space, try throwing in image in there or something.

Nice work though :slight_smile:

You can add a preloader to delays of roll-overs by using javascript :).

If you want the code, tell me and I’ll post it right here.

Hey there, thanks again for those comments . . . .
Yeah would be great if you could post that code.

I didn’t check what part of the html rollovers were being a little delayed but here’s the code anyways. Looks long - but half of it is just code and explaining. This will produce smooth rollovers. I think I might make a tutorial on this for :).

Short Tutorial

  1. Let’s say you have 2 images. These 2 images are your HOME button images. Home.jpg and .HomeRoll.jpg

  2. Home.jpg is the initial state. And HomeRoll.jpg is the rollover state.

  3. Add this code in your header:

<script type="text/javascript">
myImages = new Image;
myImages = "Home.jpg", "HomeRoll.jpg";

function myRoll(n) {
    if ( n == 0 ) { 
       homeBTN.src = "Home.jpg";
    if ( n == 1 ) {
       homeBTN.src = "HomeRoll.jpg";
  1. In your body tags, make sure you have your href to wherever and make sure the img tag for home is this:
<img id="homeBTN" src="Home.jpg" height="50" width="100" onmouseover="myRoll(1)" onmouseout="myRoll(0)" />
  1. Now test it. This is pretty self explanatory. The code uses functions to load it. homeBTN is the id for the image. And when it is rolled over, homeBTN’s src image will change. You can now use this for other buttons :). Just keep adding the image names to the myImages part ;).

  2. I forgot the exact code that actually preloads it. I think this might work but I’m trying to think of the preload code. If I can get it from the book I had I’ll post it.

  • theReefster.Hope it helps :thumb:.

Thanks for that mate, will try it out and let you know . . .
Cheers for now

Actually - I found out the real code - just remembered it. I made a tutorial for on how to preload images and create rollovers with them - it should be up soon. He said it might be up today if he gets the chance.

I clearly explained everything so just wait until it comes up on the front page and you can read it. The code is really simple. About 6 lines of javascript to preload and 5 lines to make a rollover function.

I provided all of them and explained what each line does ;).

Hope it comes up :thumb:.

Thanks again . . . .