Streaming flv's and cdroms

Alright i’ve got some questions that i’m hoping someone has the answer to here. CDRoms and Flash have always been a big trial-and-error process but i’ve gotten pretty good at them. Unfortunately i’ve got a bit of a different project i’m working on now that’s going to require some tricks so let’s see if any of you guys have worked with this before.

I used to embed videos into my projector files but i’ve found that leaving them as external flv’s using the mediaPlayback component actually works really well. I’m also aware of the netStream method, but does this work with CDRoms as well? I have limited time on the project so i don’t know if i will have time to try it out. The reason why the method i use is important is that, for once, i have timeline animations that have to go along with the video, so if the files are external, i must keep them synced up. The cdrom should be easier to sync up than the web would be, but it’s still a headache.

I would prefer, in this case, to embed the videos into my projector. However, i tried it and the audio in the video became very distorted. When i take the same flv file and leave it external, the audio is crystal clear.

So here’s my plan that i’m going to try tomorrow when i get to work, since i don’t have the project here to try any of this now. I’m going to try leaving the flv’s external, but import them into the projects and lay them out into the movieclips of the overlay animations, and setting the video layer as a guide. I’ve never tried this before but i’m going to give it a shot. If that works, then i’ll just need to put in a bit of code to make sure the animations don’t start until the video is loaded.

So if anyone has some experience of their own that they’d like to share, i’d love to hear it.