Studiodesignz a Designing Company


Have alook at my website please give reviews, thanks.


site design is nice, Works and Contact us (in green and pink box) on the main menu have a piece sticking out on top left of box… site works very well

I’m sorry, but I’m going to be completely honest. There is nothing in this site that I find appealing. The graphics are stale and bland, the content is presented in a very html-ish way and overall the site layout looks like it was never thought through on paper/psd before it got made.


Aaaaaaaand… It’s in the wrong section! :slight_smile:

Needs a lot of work - As Sekasi said, it looks as though not enough thought has gone into the design before you’ve sat down in front of the computer.

My main comment would be to step back and take a look at the font you’re using - it’s not complimenting your design at all.


thanks guys…

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[QUOTE=therobot;2352923]I find the transition when you rollover thumbs in the Work section to be incredibly jarring.[/QUOTE]

I thought your site was broken, but now I realize it’s supposed to be like that. I think you need to start from scratch and read up on UI (user interface) design.

Its atleast good…as a designer to do it with out any tutorials…?

the greybox technique you used in the work section needs a better transition as it freaked me out when I rolled over the images…

I like the font you used but you need more weights of that font face to make it more visually digestible

I thought the same thing… maybe have it on click to do that instead of mouseover?

If your background is more in design, and not web development, then maybe you should think about doing some tutorials. Or pick up a book, or take a class. It’s a good start, but you could do even better :beer:

Ergh, that image rollover is an eye burner. My retinas still hurt.

It sort of looks like a Flash site from the era before Flash came out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just kidding, it needs a lot of work though before it could be considered an appealing or pleasant to navigate site.

Props from me on asking whether or not to play sound.

[QUOTE=TheCanadian;2353412]Props from me on asking whether or not to play sound.[/QUOTE]

I couldn’t agree more. EVERY site should have that before anything else opens. Even music sites.

I noticed that too, certainly a plus point. Nothing more intrusive than a website just forcing it’s sound on you.

Maybe your to into HTML, like people said above it looks like a HTML site designed in flash. Though i may say its not bad, but its flash and you should be a bit more creative

Nice sound notification at the beginning. Without repeating whats been said, I dont think anyone suggested a bit of editing on the copy. The copy on “about us” could use some grammar touch ups to keep it professional. Hope that helps.

Sure, thanks.

Hmm… When you are using rollover buttons like in your menu I think that you should do it in code. Like with a tweening engine instead of a frametween (just guessing thats what you´re using) so that it doesn´t look so choppy when you roll over the buttons rapidly.