My Site Welcome for comments!

need your comments to improve my site!:beer:

Navigation in my opinion isn’t very user friendly. I don’t like the fact that I first have to click on it to see what it is. Then click on the link.

i agree with you.
Will change it very soon


  1. 3rd Generation font is a wretched font, IMO.

  2. Numbers on preloader aren’t embedded or something cause you can’t see them.

  3. I think it says “What’s new” but that whole section can’t read… font problems again. As well as the x, y coordinate thing.

  4. Site is way to overdesigned, you have a clash of way to much crap.

  5. Get rid of the wingdings on the right.

  6. Trendwhore arrows in the BG don’t work well, it’s also a dated technique.

  7. Is the crosshair thing in the lower right a logo too? Or the triple circle thing? If so it needs to be set apart and some how made evident that it is your logo.

  8. Not sure how the cube thing is relevant to the site and doesn’t match w/e layout you have goin here.

IMO, lots of work to still be done here.

too much! i feel like im being attacked with all this commotion…tone it down, and definetly work on your fonts. :mu:

for >2
numbers on the preload is not use to indicate how much has been loaded but i want to make some kind of effect , i dont know how to say.


It is not a logo but just an volumn button.

will make some changes.:snug: