Submission site


Excellent Site.:slight_smile:


Yep, I really like it. Possible SOTW. But didn’t you post this already? Or am I just going mad?

pom :crazy:

i like the running ppl but other than that…er…

nah, i posted it on site check last week to check for bugs,

Yep, as I said, very possible SOTW:) I likes…I likes…

thanks lostinbeta

Are each panel section a separat MC, scene, or SWF? I was just wondering how you set the site up with separat loaders for each section.

swfs, it could work any of those ways, but uploading and up dating would be a pain in the butt, swfs seem to be the key way to do this.

Oh yeah, and you must of forgotten to read the guidelines because you never posted your e-mail address. When you apply for SOTW you need to supply the URL and your e-mail address.

read the guidlines, spaced the email, sorry

[email protected]

you get my vote!:ninja: :asian: :bandit: Excellent site, I like the color sceme as well as the loaders. the 3d stuff is pretty neat too.