Surfing... while surfing

Ladies and gentlemen - I give to you the dumbest thing since lollipops with insects in them: drumroll the surfboard with a laptop in it! This is not a joke, I repeat NOT A JOKE!

eehhe this is cool… too bad I don’t surf :stuck_out_tongue:

nice. too bad you have to bring your own hotsopt with you,lol

how dumb…

This is ridiculous.

[size=8]BAD IDEA![/size]


That is great!

I think that is a pretty funny idea. If you’re out longboarding sometimes you’re sitting out there for a while with nothing to do. With that being said part of the great thing about surfing is the out in nature experience. Realxing, listening to the waves, smelling the ocean, looking at the fish…

ps. continuum… your footer is grossing me out.

Why can the camera only hold 64mb? The thing is supposed to have an 80GB hard drive.

thats so cool!

Am I the only one who doesn’t see a point in having a laptop inside your surfboard? I mean, who in the right mind would feel like taking his board to drift out into the ocean, and then go ahead and start using the laptop :h:

I’ve never surfed before, but I can kinda imagine you either surf, or you drift and play around with the laptop, but not both at a time and I certainly don’t see the connection between both either.

That’s like installing an Xbox inside a Formula 1 racing car :sigh:

I don’t see the point, but there’s lots of sucessful things that are pointless.

What about the candle snuffer? You can just blow out your **** candles.

Or throw them against a wall.
No curtains though.

Well the guy that made it comes from Devon, England. There aren’t exactly monster waves there so I imagine he has a fair bit of time on his hands to piss about… it’s not exactly Mavericks or anything…

I think the cool aspect is having like a built in camera to your baord. So you can get the whole surfing experience on camera. With that being said, I’ve broken surfboards before and if you’re in decent size waves it’s going to happen. Maybe not on a longboard but I wouldn’t want to risk my laptop sinking to the bottom of the ocean.