Sushisource V.S?

sexy serve m8.


Lol yes,
as I’ve stated before I entered the battle. I’m sorry about the 3 day wait, could you hold on? Or would you rather just drop me out?

3 days? we could go another round in that time… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really care I have to other battles and the oh so secret club to work with so Sushi you decide.

Well… Grinch Should Finish, if it takes three days, so be it. We’ll recive e-mails.

Nice one eat ham.

Thanks SushiSour. Ok we’ll wait for you grinch

Thanks guys!
I appreciate you compliying with my time schedule!

Np dude!

Ok guys,
Here’s my 1st volley. Did it as 9:30AM, so I can get it in. And about the psd, I’m ether going to have to find someone to host it, or the next person up can AIM me, and get it?

thats a pretty interesting design grinchy but i like it.

I’m trying to interprete if thats good? :stuck_out_tongue:

I likes, obviously i still suck compared to most other Kirupa-Goers. Lol, i’ll get better. Good volley Grinch!

Aw don’t be so hard on yourself! I liked yours! The only tip I would give would be when it has the arrows after the boat. But hey, I like it. I don’t think that mine is really good ether, but I’d say it’s really different from what people create on KF. Try to make images that no one will expect :wink:

Thanks for compliment

Thanks for the advice!

Is this a multiple round battle or are we voting now?

multiple i suppose?

Hello?! Anyone going to continue?! Ugh

It was just one round guys… so i guess it’s polltime.

Lol whoops!

Well get one up bro!