SWF -> AIM Buddy Icon?

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Is there any way I can do this? I know that AIM doesn’t support .swf files, but is there any way to convert them to a different format?

File/Export Movie and from the file type drop down box choose “Animated GIF (*.gif)”

This will export your movie as a .gif animation. All your animation has to be on the main timeline though, nothing inside movie clips or it won’t export that.

Also… keep the file size low beacuse AIM does have a limit to your buddy icon size.

All your animation has to be on the main timeline though

So does that mean that it has to be ALL on ONE LINE???

Nonono, one timeline, Trin. :stuck_out_tongue: It means, well, just what Lost said. No clips. :-\

you can have many layers but all your animation has to be out side of a movie clip

and action script doesn’t work either.

Oh yeah, I forgot to put that :slight_smile:

Thanks david.

Here are 2 .gifs I made in Flash for BWBM and I as avatars on a Transformers forum…

mine and his

Nice avatars beta. What is the link to the transformer forum?

Thanks sintax. The link is www.tfgen3.com , it is more BWBMs area, but I post there every now and then.