SWF file appears to loop when on the server

Thanks for checking this post out.

I am designing a relatively complex Flash site. During the development stages, I hosted the files at http://www.russcooper.net. There, everything was working as expected. This morning I uploaded the files to the real URL to be used: http://www.russcooperinc.com.

The exact same swf files and HTML file were uploaded to the new domain and THERE the swf appears to be looping the root timelime indefinitely. Both of these domains are hosted on the same server, however, the problematic one has a dedicated IP. I don’t know if that is an issue, but other than that, I can’t see any difference in these two domains.

There is nothing in the flash file to cause this loop or it would loop on the test domain as well. I’m lost, and today is the interim presentation to the client. Hope someone has some insight!!!
Thanks again.
Ken Adcock
(843-345-9196 - if you want to call)

ps. The FLA file is 7.9 MB. I can email it to anyone who thinks the problem might be there.