Warning on Swift 3D--Better read this

Make a COPY of your Fla and RENAME it BEFORE importing Swift 3D animations.\rYou’ll be sorry if you don’t.\r\rI was following one of your tutorials on Swift 3D. All apparently went well, except I think I published the work. Only problem which is one that will destroy my movie unless I can fix it is it went from 608,000 to 8,316,346. I cannot undo this and I fear might not be able to which means I cannot even put it on the server, 6 meg limit. What happened and can you PLEASE help me to undo this. I removed the Swift 3D from the movie but the fla will not change. PLEASE HELP!\r\rFlashhopper-

Hey Phil,\rLook in your Flash Library (Ctrl + L) and delete any instances of the Swift 3D movie that can be found. That might help.\r\rCheers,\rKirupa

Thats the first thing I tried O wise and learned master! But the Swift 3D movie is gone as far as I can tell, yet it’s remnants remain. Mystery to me. Try it yourself, but first rename your movie so you don’t ruin a good one. then import the swift 3d movie, publish, and then try to get that sucker out of there. I even tried throwing holy water on the frames thinking that that would help. Didn’t. Any more suggestions? I am all ears, Massa.\r\rFlashhopper-\r\rBTW-Swift 3D is still awesome. The size is a killer though, going to have to try to figure a way around that or something.

My file jumped from 608k to almost 9 meg after importing a Swift 3D animation. I removed the animation completely as far as I can tell, in library, etc…But its ghost still remains. Anyone know how I can get my fla file back to the 6-7k it was?\r\rRegards-\rpj

I’ll try to experiment with this as well… not sure what could be causing that.\r\rfor people who are having problems with the swift3D file sizes in general… try producing stuff as just edges… leave those fills out. At least to see. You may not like line drawn stuff, but it’s size is a hell of a lot smaller than with the fills.

thanks upuaut!\r\r:) \r

BTW-Until this is figured out…\r Make a COPY of your fla, and rename it, BEFORE you import any Swift 3D files. Trust me. My Fla went from 600k to almost 9 meg and apparently there is nothing I can do to reverse this.If I had only done that, …\r\rpj

Hey… this same effect happens with jpgs. I imported 12 jpg’s into an FLA. I deleted them from the library, and yet the FLA remained the same file size as if it had all the shots in it.\r\rThis really IS something to note… thanks for finding out about this Phil… Really good catch.

Thanks for the atta boy, however, I will give a pat on the back and a whooping attaboy, and perhaps even a glow in the dark salami with their initials on it, if someone, anyone can help me find a way to reverse this. My Fla is frellin 9 megs now because of Swift 3D or Flash or whatever. Life would have been so much easier if I could allow people to view my Fla and help correct foundational errors. But who wants to download a 9 meg Fla just to answer a question? I know now why snoopy spent all his time on top of his doghouse; It was as far away from the computer in the house as he could possibly get. :frowning: (FRELL!!!) I removed everything, but it’s ghost remains, haunting my Fla. Put this one in the K-files.\r\rpj\r:(

upload it anyway, i’ll take a look if you want

How Long\r’till you read this\ram i gonna wait\ris a sleeping man\rhas this been goin’ on, goin’ on…?

PJ,\r\rI posted this above also. I have never heard of an import staying with your FLA file after being erased. It sounds like there is an error in Flash. I would recommend contacting our support - [email protected] and macromedia.\r\rHere are some tips from my friend Rushvision on keeping file size low:\r\rThere are a number of different things you can do to decrease the file size of your exported SWF. Here are the some things for you to try.\r\rScale your objects down in the Scene Editor\rGo to the Layout Page on the Properties Toolbar and decrease the scene size. You are working with vectors, so your images will scale back up very nicely once imported into Flash.\r\rSome objects have settings that allow you to change the number of segments used to create it, such as the torus and the sphere. Decreasing the number of segments will reduce the amount of data that needs to be rendered.\r\rGet rid of any unnecessary bevels. These add considerably to the total number of polygons that make up the objects in your scene.\r\rIn the Preview and Export Editor under the General Options, you can set the Detail Level to low.\r\rSetting the slider farther over to Curves will usually result in a slightly smaller file size, but don’t expect this one to work miracles.\r\rExperiment with the different Fill Settings. There is no one setting that works best for every situation. Try combining outlines with some of the simpler fill settings to get the greatest amount of detail and the smallest file size. It will often be a compromise on some level.\r__________________\rmrush \r\rGood luck!\r\r-cubedflash\r

you guys have all been punchin way too much code. back away from your puters and take a 10 minute walk outside… when you come back to the flat pannel you will notice that outside of the program “Flash” you can find out how big [whether its kb or mb] a file is that you are planning to import into flash. what worx for me is to limit myself on how big a file or a section of a movie will be before i get started on the project. lets say i am working on a site that will require images and movie clips from swift and to boot i will want to throw in some sound files. knowing that first hand that at any time my movie needs to be less than 120kb total size. I will have to adjust all my files to equal that for that section of my presentation. look at it as budgiting how big your file will be once your finished. If I do something in swift and its say over 30kb and my movie is already at 100kb then i know i have to go back to the drawing board. it is vitally important to always know your numbers of the movie clips, graphics, sounds, and buttons prior to importing them into flash. like i always use .mp3’s instead of .wav’s because i either get more music for the same amount of time or i can use more sound clips in the same amount of time. most professional imaging programs will have special operations and actions that will allow you to decrease the size of your image files. Swift 3d is no different. you can make mod’s to the total image size and import them into a blank movie clip in flash then pull the movie clip into the main time line and size it accordingly once there. \r\ranother thing, you can’t just cut or erase a library’ed’ object from the main time line and expect it to be permanently deleted from the .fla…???..??? you have to go into the library and look for the small trash can at the bottom right of the library window. highlight the library object you want to remove and press the trash can icon… and wow… guess what… gone. I have never had problems with deleting from the library. Besides, when you publish your movie from flash, if you dont use the library’ed’ object in the movie after test and debug, the size of the fla is really doesn’t matter at that point.

do bitmaps really take up alot of room? i have a star wars thing im making and i scanned my cousins action figured ^^ i have alot of bitmaps in there, and its 9 megs. i thought this might have been the Swift i had in there, but it turns out those total to 200kb… Do bitmaps REALLY take up that much room? if they do, im ruined! :frowning:

Guys\r\rOne further question on this subject from someone who loves Flash and has just opened the Door marked ‘Swift 3D’ and fainted!\r\rI recently created a 40 frame Swift animation which consisted entirely of circles doing wierd and wonderful things. After importing an outlines only Swift file into a brand spanking Flash movie it grew to 34Kb - acceptable I suppose.\r\rI did realise however that Swift exports Circles as a series of lines rather than a pure Circle. Presumably because a Polygon is used for a circle and just the outer sections of the polygons are exported when creating an outline animation.\r\rMy point is - am I exporting wrong? Is there a way od exporting pure circles? when I replaced these multi-facetted monsters with circles, the file size dropped to 4Kb! If there is a God of Swift - let the answer be yes!\r\rKevin Russell\rP.S. Further to Phils point - I have noticed that although a JPeg (or movie clip or whatever) is included in the FLA file, it isn’t exported to the Flash Movie unless used or Linked in the Library. It would be interesting to use Golanda Flash decompiler to prove whether the JPegs are still in the movie when compiled.

Ok, I think I know what you are doing wrong. Here’s the situation: when you open a file, import something (whether it be .JPG’s or Swift 3D movie), and then save it again, Flash simply writes over your existing file. For some reason (don’t ask me why) it doesn’t change how big the library is, whether you’ve deleted stuff or not.\rSolution: Click FILE > Save As… and then save a new file, this will make Flash regenerate a completely new file and therefore display the correct file size.\r\rI got this solution from one of those 1,000 page Flash books…Happy Coding!\r\rRegards,\rFearMeLots

I knew there had to be an easy solution to that. Thank you sir.