Swift 3d Shadows?

I am looking for a tutorial or someone to explain how to take a 3d object made in swift 3d and make a shadow for it, like say a square rotating in air and directly below it a rotating shadow to either immitate a shadow or if they actually have a shadow tool, please e-mail me or reply to this post asap, [email protected] thanks

look at swift 3d website there are pretty good tutorials about every function :slight_smile:

If you create a new ‘plane’ and position it below the object as a floor, you will get a shadow. You can move the light sources about to get the right shadow.

ps. make sure you tick the ‘include shadows’ option when rendering your animation.

Here is an example of what legoman was talking about above.

3D shadow example

email me and I can send you the .t3d file if you like.