Tab highlight does not scroll w/ MovieClip

Hi I’m seeing a weird problem I’m hoping someone can shed some light on. I’m loading Flash CS4 swf into a Flex 3.2 application using a SWFLoader.

The problem I’m seeing is that if I tab to a MovieClip control, then scroll the application using my mouse wheel, the tab highlight doesn’t move with the button.

I’ve attached a sample SWF file that shows the problem. If you tab to the “Button” button then scroll with the mousewheel, the tab highlight moves with the button (roughly). If you tab to the “MovieClip” button then use the mousewheel, the MovieClip scrolls, but the tab outline does not. I’d prefer not to have to go through and change every tabable item into a Button. Anyone know why this is or how to work around it?

Thanks in advance